“Kirsty is an incredible yoga teacher, a fully qualified Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor.Kirsty teaches all along the Costa del Sol and is very well respected in the area and loved by our bootcampers.Whether you’ve done yoga before or not, Kirsty will relax your mind and stretch your limbs and give you flexibility you never thought possible!”

– Aurora Boot Camp, Marbella, Costa del Sol



“I think Kirsty is a great teacher as she adapts each class to suit all levels of yoga practice, from the beginners to the advanced. She’s a lovely person also! I like her teaching style, and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a yoga teacher. In fact my only criticism of her would be that she makes me do boat pose (which I hate) from time to time!”

– Katie – Manilva, Costa del Sol


“I have been having private yoga classes with Kirsty for the past year and a half. I had a ‘twinge’ in my right shoulder that has completely disappeared. I find Kirsty very approachable, knowledgeable and compassionate to your needs at the same time.  Also, as a business woman, I like to be focused and yoga gives me more clarity and awareness, so I feel more productive but less stressed. Because I can manage my time and balance my life easier.”

– Andrea – Casares, Costa del Sol


“I was lucky enough to find Kirsty’s classes. She knows her stuff. Having got a lot more serious about it and doing a year of regular practice I feel stronger than ever and all the usual aches and pains I assumed were there to stay, have gone. Sometimes it’s hard to get myself to a class but afterwards I wonder how I ever considered sitting on the sofa was a better option. I go to a couple of different venues Kirsty has and everyone there is relaxed, not competitive and its fun as well as fulfilling. Not always easy and there’s always room to push yourself but at your own pace.  I still cant do a head stand but I am doing things I never believed I would and my body feels great!”

– Charlie, Estepona, Costa del Sol


“Having just completed 10 1:1 yoga sessions with Kirsty, I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is a fantastic teacher. She has the great ability to encourage you to push yourself within your practise and combines this with a perfect balance of stillness & calmness. Oh and the sunshine helps too”.

– Tara, Cheshire, UK.


“Kirsty has a way of understanding what her class needs. Be they novices or experienced Yogis, there is something for everyone, and you can take with you as much or as little as you like”.

– Louise, Manilva, Costa del Sol


“Kirsty ran private yoga classes at our apartments for us while we were on holiday. Arranged via email, very professional and flexible. Classes were very good, tailored for beginners and those with some experience. Wonderful start to the mornings feeling stretched, invigorated and calm.
Kirsty has a good balance of helping you to realign but also leaving you to zone into your yoga pose.
I would certainly recommend Kirsty for group classes and 1:1. I will be arranging again when we return to Estepona.”

Emma, United Kingdom.