Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga  can bring many benefits to children. Breathing exercises, postures and meditation offers your child a chance to be relaxed, confident with a strong, supple body. Many children that start yoga at a young age continue through to adulthood (like me).balasanita

Introducing your little bundle of love to yoga is definitely a enjoyable, safe, and easy way for you to enable him or her to experience a balanced mind and body. Yoga has a array of body exercise routines, breathing techniques, and visualization exercises that will build and fortify their growing bodies.

Yoga is non-competitive. Some children are unnerved by sports activities and exercise because there is usually a competitive nature to them. Little ones do not like to lose or face the strain of the chance of losing. Children’s yoga places an emphasis on improving their body and listening to it, not stretching it past its boundaries. This is a nurturing non-competitive atmosphere and a excellent yoga teacher encourages children to modify moves as they feel fit for which their body is capable of.

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Yoga promotes poised, much more coordinated motions and overall flexibility. When children are small, their bodies need to learn the full possible array of movement. This can easily impede the learning of grace and essential movements. Range of movements in various parts of the body can be promoted by adaptation of different positions.

Regular yoga can improve concentration, so is particularly supportive for studying and reducing the stress and pressure that students go through; it has also been shown to reduce symptoms of ADHD in children. It also fosters compassion, creating strong, positive relationships with others. Groups of four or more children is perfect depending on their ages and the classes normally last around 40-45 minutes.

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