About Kirsty

Kirsty was exposed to the world of yoga at an early age, being fortunate enough to have yoga as part of the curriculum in primary school.  Having experienced the many benefits of yoga at such an early age, inspires Kirsty to teach as many children as possible.  Her yoga practice deepened after a severe knee injury from regularly competing in martial arts competitions.   Many years of regular yoga practice, healed the knee, without any need for surgery and along with that came the many other wonderful benefits of Yoga.   Yoga also brought a sense of balance, groundedness, the loss of need for competitiveness, a strong, flexible body and more importantly and deep sense of well being.me

After completing the 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Kirsty found the missing piece to the puzzle and embarked the study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which offers a blue print for a peaceful and fulfilling life.  

Kirsty is so passionate about yoga that she wants to share that passion with as many people as possible, so they too can experience these benefits.

Kirsty’s daily yoga practice helps to keep her centred and ready to meet the challenges of being a mother, wife and full time yoga teacher.   She is very down to earth and clear in her teaching approach and at the same time brings compassion and a sense of humour to the classes.  Helping you feel relaxed and at ease.

legs in airIn addition, Kirsty is a certified Yoga Bugs Teacher and immensely enjoys sharing and playing yoga with children of all ages and abilities. She believes that when yoga is introduced at an early age, not only instils good balance, flexibility and strength but also fosters compassion in a non-competitive environment. She currently teaches in various schools, believing that Yoga in the school environment brings a chance for the children to dis-connect and provide space in their bodies and minds for concentration and increased awareness and in turn help them learn good values. Our next generation is important, these tools they learn now, will put them in good stead.

 Yoga is a wonderful path to tread and as with all journeys, we could all do with an occasional compass and some guidance.  So allow Kirsty to guide you and begin your path to a more balanced and fulfilling life.